really Katy?? (that’s a pic of Katy at a Diplo concert in Vegas 9/26)

What the actual… Like come on you can’t go and steal someone’s look like that. Katy is treading on some treacherous ground right now, and she needs to be careful.

well at least we can say taylor did it first! #aintnoquestioningthat 

wow ok. i hate katy as much as the next person but y’all being hypocritical. like remember when directioners did exactly the same to taylor in the ‘22’ music video and said she was copying harry with the beanie and everything. and that completely sucked and we all hated that. and this is practically the same situation. like they are clothes. it really doesn’t matter. 

^^^^^^^^^ this ^^^^^^^^

I agree. It’s just clothes, who cares?? Anyway Taylor wore it better so ha 💁